Testogen review

My Testogen Review

The first question you’ll want answered is: what is Testogen exactly?

Testogen is sold as a natural testosterone booster.

According to the manufacturers, it increases free circulating testosterone levels in men through natural means alone. In other words, it isn’t an anabolic steroid or pro-hormone; it does not provide your body with any exogenous hormones or compounds that get metabolized into active hormones in the liver.

Instead, it takes advantage of the body’s own natural hormone production mechanisms, maximizing testosterone production in the testes, minimizing estrogen conversion, and preventing testosterone-zapping vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

This actually separates Testogen from many other popular products on the market right now, particularly pro-hormones. Such drugs are extremely dangerous and relatively untested. In some cases, they are as taxing on the body as anabolic steroids; some more so!


Testogen testosterone booster


Testogen is supposed to provide a safer, natural alternative for men looking to increase their serum testosterone levels, whether this is because they are ageing or because they want an extra boost in the gym.

Indeed, Testogen seems to be equally popular among bodybuilders in their early 20s, and among guys in their 50s who feel they’ve lost some of their old vitality.

As you can probably tell from some of the other Testogen reviews out there, this is a seriously popular product.

It isn’t uncommon for a Testogen review to score it as nigh perfect – 5 stars, 10 points, whatever the measure is they’re using.

But how much of this can we trust?

How many Testogen reviews out there right now are genuinely honest?

Can we trust everything the manufacturer says?

Does Testogen do any of the things they say it will? Can it do all of them?

Most importantly, is Testogen safe? How safe? What kind of side effects are we talking about here? Are there are any long-term risks to using Testogen?

Find out by reading my complete Testogen review below. I’ll try to go into as much detail as I can, answering all of your most important questions as honestly and as frankly as possible. I’ll share my own experiences with Testogen too. At the end, you’ll have a chance to share your comments.



Testogen Ingredients

The most important thing we need to look at here is the ingredients. What is actually in this testosterone booster? That is a far more pressing question than the user reviews, the side effects, or the manufacturer’s promises!

Let’s take a look. Here is the Testogen ingredient profile:


Testogen ingredient list


That is one solid ingredients list. Testogen combines powerful, scientifically-proven testosterone boosters. They all do something slightly different, meaning this stack has you covered from every angle.

The doses in Testogen look great too, for the most part. I always like to see as large a serving as possible without verging on the ‘dangerous’ side. None of the doses used in Testogen look likely to cause side effects, but they could also be a little larger for my liking.

There’s also a small problem – Tribulus Terrestris. This stuff doesn’t actually seem to work! If you look at the scientific data, it should become pretty clear that Tribulus terrestris is – at best – a hit and miss testosterone booster.

But on the whole, Testogen looks like a serious testosterone booster.

I think anyone using Testogen is going to experience a noticeable improvement in how they look and feel.

Increased strength, faster fat loss, more confidence, better sex drive – all of these things follow from having higher testosterone levels.

And Testogen looks more than capable of increasing testosterone levels in men of all ages.

Note: Obviously we’re not talking about an increase in testosterone similar to taking exogenous testosterone or other anabolic steroids. Some Testogen reviews out there will tell you that this stuff is a ‘steroid alternative’. There’s no such thing. Natural testosterone boosters deliver a much more subtle – but still real – increase in T-levels. This is a much healthier way of doing things. That’s kind of the point!

Let’s go through the most interesting Testogen ingredients and see what they can do (or can’t do in the case of Tribulus Terrestris).


D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an amino acid. When the pituitary gland detects the presence of D-Aspartic Acid, it begins pumping out Luteinizing Hormone, or LH for short. LH acts as a kind of ‘release signal’ for testosterone. When the Leydig cells in the testes detect LH, they start producing more testosterone. So supplementing with D-Aspartic Acid acts as a kind of signal to the testes to start pumping out testosterone.

D-Aspartic Acid is found in many foods, including animal products, avocados, oats, and asparagus. However, in food the concentrations are usually quite small. Asparagus has the highest concentration, but you aren’t going to eat enough asparagus to have a significant effect. Supplementation is recommended for increased testosterone.


D-Aspartic Acid Testogen ingredients


Tribulus Terrestris

This is a plant found around the world. It grows in dry climates, although it is pretty robust in all climates.

Many people claim that Tribulus Terrestris increases testosterone levels in men. Exavtly how they believe it work seems to vary. Ask one person, and they say it works similarly to D-Aspartic Acid, telling the testes to start producing more testosterone. Ask others, and they say it reduces estrogen conversion.

However, in reality I’ve never seen any evidence that this stuff actually works. I’ve read a couple of studies on it at this point, and they almost always find that it doesn’t do a thing. A couple of them have used large doses of high-potency Tribulus for several weeks and found that it worked about the same as placebo. It’s been tested on athletes, post-menopausal women, and older guys – all returned negative results.

Looks to me like the makers of Testogen got led by the hype here, not by the scientists.


Panax Ginseng

This one is a classic testosterone booster ingredient. Bodybuilders have used Panax Ginseng supplements for decades to support testosterone levels after a cycle (although there’s no evidence it works for PCT). It has been used as a vitality booster and fertility drug in traditional medicine for centuries. Although these uses weren’t grounded in science, it seems that they were right to use Panax Ginseng – it really works!

Studies on rats have shown that supplementation with Panax Ginseng for 60 days was able to drastically increase testosterone blood concentrations (source). Other studies conducted on men with erectile dysfunction found that Panax Ginseng supplementation increased both testosterone and DHT, another androgenic hormone (source).


Panax ginseng Testogen ingredients



Fenugreek is a great addition to a natural testosterone booster. While it doesn’t act on your hormones per se, it does support sex drive. Fenugreek has long been used as an aphrodisiac. Clinical trials have since confirmed the assumption that it makes you more aroused. Fenugreek supplementation has been repeatedly shown to increase sexual desire, and people using high-potency Fenugreek supplements report far greater subjective enjoyment of sex than placebo.

I’m not sure exactly how this works – as far as I know the mechanism behind Fenugreek’s action isn’t known. But I’ve seen enough studies all showing an improvement in sexual performance to know that it works. Good enough for me at least!


Vitamin D3

This one might sound basic, but it’s not. Vitamin D is a massively under-appreciated and under-utilized testosterone booster. D3 acts much more similarly to a hormone than a vitamin. It plays a major role in the regulation of bodily functions, such as bone formation and repair, immune cell function, and so on.

A Vitamin D deficiency has very similar symptoms to having low testosterone. There’s a very good reason for this; Vitamin D deficiencies have been shown to correlate highly with low testosterone! If you have low circulating Vitamin D levels, then you probably have less than ideal testosterone levels. And if you’re a regular guy working full time hours in northern Europe or north America, then chances are you have low Vitamin D levels for about half the year!


B Vitamins & Selenium

These ingredients don’t have a drastic effect on testosterone levels. However, they are vitally important for energy, metabolism, immune system function, and the efficient synthesis of hormones, including testosterone.


How Does Testogen Work?

So that’s Testogen’s ingredients covered. But how does it actually work?

Testogen cover several bases at once. This is the best way to ensure that you see results regardless of what it is that is holding your testosterone levels down.

The D-Aspartic Acid gets to work pushing up testosterone production in the testes.

The Vitamin D3 ensures that this common deficiency isn’t keeping your testosterone levels low.

The Panax Ginseng sets about raising testosterone levels via a different pathway to D-Aspartic Acid.

While all of this is going on, the Fenugreek makes sure that your sex life isn’t suffering as a consequence of heavy weight training, stress, or just the natural decline in testosterone that comes with old age.

To cap it all off, you get a nice hit of B vitamins and selenium to ensure that you’re energetic and fully functional all day long.

In all, this is a darn good testosterone booster. It covers several different aspects of testosterone synthesis in men as well as the most common deficiency related to low testosterone.

Supplementation of these substance shave been shown to increase free serum testosterone levels in men of varying ages.

What more do you want?!


My Experience With Testogen

This is all well and good, but all of this information can be found in any Testogen review.

What you can’t find in just any review is a personal account of 90 days using Testogen.

Well, here you can!


My Testogen experience


I took Testogen for 90 days straight. I used it while training extremely hard; I was trying to increase both my bench from 245lbs for 5 reps to 275lbs for 5 reps and my squat from 300lbs for 5 to 350lbs for 5. I did some accessory stuff too, but the focus of my weekly training was putting weight on the bar while keeping perfect form and hitting my reps.

Here’s how it went.


Day 1-30

My first day using Testogen was completely uneventful. I took it as directed on the bottle; 4 capsules taken at equal intervals throughout the day. I felt nothing. But this is completely normal. Testosterone boosters don’t work like pre-workouts, nootropics, or anything like that. They are slow burners. They take a while to start working; vitamin and mineral deficiencies take a while to sort out, D-Aspartic Acid levels need to build up, and so on.

So, I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t ‘feel’ anything.

The first week and a half went by in much the same way. I diligently took Testogen at the same times every day, ate normally, and trained normally. I didn’t notice an increase in appetite or any changes in my training.

However, after around 10-14 days of not very much at all, I started to notice a change.

It wasn’t in how I felt, but how I performed in the gym.

I began to notice I was feeling less sore the day after training. I usually get serious DOMs, especially in my legs. For two days after my heavy squat day, I’m barely able to walk. Even my lighter speed day leaves me feeling beat up. But my third week using Testogen was remarkable in that I felt very little soreness in my legs.

I was able to attack my workouts each time with a totally fresh body.

Obviously, this meant better, more effective training, which meant faster gains.

By day 30, I was already ahead of schedule.


Day 30-60

My second month using Testogen was just a steady continuation of my experience in the last two weeks of month 1. The only difference was that I began to feel the effects getting stronger.

As the month went on, I could tell that I was less and less tired after my workouts.

My muscles were less sore – I wasn’t training any less intensely, and I was steadily adding weight to the bar (in 2.5lb increments). On my accessory work I was adding reps, and then sets.

So clearly, it wasn’t that I was just adapting to a higher workload.

I was recovering much faster and adapting to increased volume a lot faster.

I was also – as you might imagine – eating a hell of a lot more. However, I wasn’t feeling bloated, and I wasn’t gaining much fat. Not that I could tell anyway, and neither could my girlfriend (she’s usually pretty honest with this stuff).

Amazingly, towards the end of 60 days, I was already nearing my goal of a 125kg bench of 5 reps. I’d managed 260lbs for a steady 7. The next week I was going to shoot for 265lbs for 3 and see how I felt.


Testogen results


Day 60-90

For me, this was when I really started to appreciate what having higher testosterone levels meant.

I knew that Testogen wasn’t sending my serum T-levels through the roof. I’m not naïve.

It’s a natural testosterone booster, so at most it was just giving my natural testosterone levels a little boost. If I was suffering from low testosterone for some reason, then it might have put everything back to where it should be. In that case, the jump would have been significant.

But before trying Testogen I felt fine, so I knew I didn’t have hundreds of extra ng/dl of testosterone in my blood or anything.

Yet the results were still incredible.

I finally understood what gear must be like if this was only a percentage of it (although I would still never touch the stuff because of the ridiculous dangers).

I hit my goals on day 76 and 79 respectively. First I hit my squat goal, 350lbs for a comfortable 3 and a grinding 2. Still counts. Then 3 days later I hit an easy 275lb bench for 5 clean reps, with a tiny bit of help from the spotter on the final one.

The rest of the month I just consolidated – hitting those same numbers in a good groove, then doing drop sets. My final week I just did light explosive work, more accessories, and 1 weeks after the 90 days ended I tried again – I hit both goals clean. No grinding, no help from spotter.

That final week I was NO LONGER USING TESTOGEN.

Nor am I currently using Testogen.

But can I say that I had an incredible 3 months in the gym while using this testosterone boster?



How much does Testogen cost?

A single bottle of Testogen costs $59.99.

However, there are multibuy discounts which significantly lower the per bottle price.

When you buy 2 bottles, you get a third free. So 3 bottles costs $119.99, or $39.99 per bottle.

That’s a very reasonable price for a good quality testosterone booster.

But it gets better!

If you buy 3 bottles, you get 2 EXTRA BOTTLES FREE! Plus, you get a couple of ebooks thrown in.


How much is Testogen?


So 5 bottles of Testogen bought together costs $179.99.

That works out at $35.99 a bottle. Plus the ebooks.

I really can’t say fairer than that!



The Dangers – Testogen Side Effects

As stated at the start of this Testogen review, this product is designed to offer a safer, less intense alternative for people who want to increase testosterone levels but who do not want to us pro-hormones, TRT, or anabolic steroids.

And who can blame them? I think the use of anabolic steroids for the sole purpose of getting bigger and stronger is insane. The health risks are well-known, and they’re substantial. I understand it when Olympic athletes and professional competitive strength athletes use them; it’s their entire life, and they’re willing to risk it to win.

But if you’re just an average guy, I don’t see why you’d put your body through that just to get big.

So compared to things like pro-hormones and anabolic steroids, Testogen is indeed very safe.

But how safe is Testogen compared to other natural testosterone boosters?

The answer is, pretty safe!

There’s nothing in Testogen which makes me particularly worried about side effects.

These ingredients are common in test-boosting supplements today.

They have all been tested on humans in several different trials – in clinical conditions – which have been published in peer-reviewed journals. None of them, to my knowledge, have ever been found to cause serious side effects.

The only side effects reported in any of the studies is digestive discomfort, and that is only associated with Tribulus Terrestris. But the dose being used in these studies is about 450mg or more per day. Testogen contains 300mg. You might get some stomach cramping, but you’d be unlucky, and it’s probably going to be mild.

Of course, not everybody is the same. You all have your own unique circumstances.

I can’t say for certain whether or not Testogen is safe for you personally.



I have no idea what medications you’re taking, how old you are, what other supplements you use, your pre-existing conditions – NOTHING!

And all of these things are very relevant to the safety of a testosterone booster.

That’s why YOU NEED TO TALK TO A DOCTOR before using Testogen, or any testosterone booster for that matter.

They’re natural supplements, but that doesn’t mean they’re therefore 100% safe.

See what your usual family doc has to say before taking the plunge with Testogen. I don’t care if you think you have reason to or not – you’re not used to taking things like Tribulus Terrestris, so you don’t know how you’re going to react.

If you do experience side effects of any kind, then stop using Testogen, seek medical attention, and contact the manufacturer.


Testogen Review Final Say – What Do I Think?

Honestly, I think Testogen is a really good testosterone booster.

I didn’t do a control experiment on myself, so I can’t say with absolute certainty that it helped. However, I can say that I had a pretty awesome 90 days of training while using Testogen.

It seemed to help me recover faster, gain strength quicker, and it definitely helped my libido.

I also think it mitigated fat gain during what was a pretty ravenous couple of weeks of eating as I worked up to the 350lb squat. I was not holding back.

From my perspective, this is an affordable, reliable option for anyone looking to maximize and support normal, healthy testosterone levels in a safe, natural way. So that means bodybuilders needing help getting through an intense training period, or older guys who feel they’ve lost a spring in their step.



Where to buy Testogen

Testogen is sold exclusively through the official online store, which you can find here. You may be able to find resellers on Amazon, but these are not verified retailers. They are just buying Testogen and selling it on with a mark-up. Buy direct.


Where is Testogen made?

Testogen is made in the US and shipped worldwide. Countries where Testogen can be shipped include Canada, Australia, the UK, South Africa, India, and more.


When should I take Testogen?

Testogen’s full daily serving is split between 4 capsules. For maximum effect, I recommend taking these capsules at regular intervals throughout the day. So 1 capsule with breakfast, another with lunch, one before training, and one an hour or two before bed.


Should I cycle Testogen?

You don’t necessarily need to cycle on and off with Testogen. However, it is highly likely that you’ll build up a tolerance to some of the ingredients in Testogen after a while. This is especially true of Panax Ginseng. So, I’d take a break every 90 days to maximize each ‘cycle’. A month or two off will be ideal.


How long does Testogen take to work?

I didn’t feel or see any difference for the first two weeks. By the end of 60 days, I was seeing major results. Your mileage may vary of course; everyone’s different. But I think that is a good rule of thumb to employ for this testosterone booster.